Automotive Training Center


Equipped with the state-of-the-art facility, Bangalore & Mohali ATC (Automotive Training Center) in India are aimed to provide customers a comprehensive and latest technical training and related support. AkzoNobel co-operates with OEM customers and painters from across the country and neighboring countries to promote best-in-class application techniques and certify repair technicians for its value added services like Sikkens Rapid Repair and also to educate them about HSE.
ATC hosts a broad range of workshops and seminars for Technical, Management, Marketing, Sales, Color etc. The objective of the workshops is to provide real results, fewer errors and complaints to get a better grasp of latest technologies, increased sales, and improved use of time and materials in the repair process. At ATC, India, body shop professionals master the fine points of technique with comprehensive support and instructions. In addition to product training, ATC in India also offers planning, material management, resource optimization training and more.
Within extensive range of technical trainings, the one on colors is the most important and popular since the perfect color match plays a crucial role in the vehicle refinishes business. ​